5 Under-$50 Shoes You'll Want to Instagram Immediately

Whether it was an aesthetically pleasing beverage, trendy accessory, or even a designer bag, I think it's safe to say at some point or another, we've all given in and purchased something simply, or at least mostly, because we wanted to post a picture of it on Instagram. And, if you ask me, it’s not necessarily the worst decision one can make.

As long as it’s something you enjoy or end up getting good use out of, buying something because it’s photogenic is ultimately a win-win. For example, sometimes the hype factor gets me out of my fashion comfort zone (i.e., all blacks or neutrals) and gets me to purchase something a little cooler or more exciting.

Such is definitely the case with the topic of today’s post on some of our very own Who What Wear collection shoes at Target. Coming in under $50, the pumps, sandals, and boots below are not only a good buy because they’re photogenic or affordable, but also because, as proven by our Instagram community, they’ll add a non-basic touch to any outfit and elevate your wardrobe. See just what I mean below, where you can shop the featured shoes along the way.