You've Been Waiting for These Under-$40 Heels (You Just Didn't Know It)


Justin Coit

Every so often, we discover a new pair of shoes that makes us overlook all of our other pairs. That's certainly the case with the subject of today's story—and for good reason. It's not every day that we slide our feet into a pair of heels so comfortable that we find ourselves willingly keeping them on all day long. No, this is not a drill. With one glance at the online reviews, you'll see that customers can't stop telling us how impossibly comfortable the heels are, too.

We're talking about the Coco Grosgrain Kitten Heels from our collection at Target. Oh, and did we mention that they're so versatile, surprisingly affordable, and in line with the season's most current shoe trends? We've established at length how kitten heels and mules are the shoe trends every fashion person is wearing right now. Available in black and red, our take on the style features a cool square upper. Though the heels make for the perfect office shoes, we also think they're pretty ideal for dressing up a pair of jeans on the weekend or for when you want to opt for a bit more comfort on date night. Below, you'll find every cool way we're styling the heels right now.