Prediction: These Will Be the Shoes Bloggers Wear This Spring

While just a couple years ago, we may have called mules a trend, in 2017 it goes without saying that the versatile and almost chameleon-like shoes have entered “staple” territory. And although new and unexpected iterations continue to surface season after season (think Gucci, The Row, and more), there’s something to be said about the no-frills, classic versions you can wear day after day and seamlessly blend into your daily uniform.

This brings us to the topic of today’s post—our very own Who What Wear Carolina Sandals—two-strap, block-heel mules that come in five equally amazing colors and cost just $33. If you’re thinking, It doesn’t get better than that, you’re absolutely right. Imagine a red pair for nights out, a navy pair for business-casual events, a tan pair for when you want to elongate your legs… We could go on and on, but we won’t because the shoes truly speak for themselves.

Shop them below, and see why we think know these will be the shoes every blogger, fashion girl, and aspiring street style star should and will be wearing this spring!

What would you like to see us design next? Tell us in the comments, and you just might inspire our next collection!