Few things leave us as joyful as the high we get from a spectacular sunglass purchase and we have a hunch our readers have experienced this sort of shopping ecstasy too. When considering this shared situation, today's story seemed like a delightfully inevitable necessity!

Just like you, each week we lust over the endless styles, colors, and lenses that celebrities flaunt shamelessly on their coffee runs. Though most of us don't deal with the glare of paparazzi attention, we do rely on this accessory staple to shield our eyes from sunlight, cover up when we're sans mascara, or when keeping a low profile on the days we feel antisocial (we would be lost without them). So, as an ode to sunnies, we collected the pertinent details for the pairs our readers are most curious about and will promptly disclose the details!

Nicole Richie Vintage Leonard Sunglasses ($50-$150)
Without a doubt, Nicole Richie's prowess for vintage shopping sets her apart from the majority of her peers. She demonstrated her mastery recently when she displayed a prize pair of Leonard sunglasses outside of LA's DCMA store. Embellished with mini pyramid studs on their red frames, her find is positively fantastic and totally enviable. If you'd like to emulate Richie's style, you can scout out the similar pairs available on eBay or invest in the Zazou 2-Tone Sunglasses by Selima Optique ($268).

Michelle Williams Tom Ford Eyewear Jack Wayfarers ($360)
Though almost anyone can pull off the classic wayfarer's flattering square frame, we have concluded that Michelle Williams does it particularly well. A change of pace from the respected Ray-Ban's that perch on so many celeb faces, Williams sported Tom Ford's Classic Wayfarer in Tortoise while on a promenade with her daughter in Central Park last month. For those of you still paying off student loans, Urban Outfitters' Blackout Sunglasses ($14) in Tort are the better option for your non-movie star budget.

Mary-Kate Olsen Marni Style #22785752 ($325)
Mary Kate Olsen captured the attention of every fashion follower at her recent David Letterman appearance when she wore a pair of ultra cool, jet black, round frames. MK is devoted to the petite circle shape, but the above Marni pair (323.782.1100) is by far our favorite version in her collection. ASOS's Goggle Sunglasses ($22) are available in a similar structure and color.

Ashley Olsen Ray-Ban Highstreet Aviators ($120)
We love that the Sisters Olsen have such particular style and tastes that we can easily differentiate between the two just on the shape of their shades. Proving that you are what you wear, Ashley opted for classic Ray-Ban Highstreet Aviators, quite the contrast to MK's jazzy and eccentric choice. If you are partial to Ashley's taste, you might like to try out 80's Purple Aces Sunglasses ($12).

Anne Hathaway Oliver Peoples Hollis Sunglasses ($365)
Back in May, we received some requests about the adorable sunnies Miss Hathaway wore while filming Bride Wars in New York. Hathaway chose a pair of Hollis sunglasses by Oliver Peoples in a unique olive shade that complements her fair complexion, but we suspect they'll look pretty on any skin tone. (They're also available in black.) If you're uncertain about whether the shape will fit your face, try out Forever 21's Wayfarers ($5.80) first.

Heidi Klum Vintage Persol Sunglasses
In tandem with last night's Project Runway return, it delights us to include Heidi Klum in today's story. Thankfully, she secured her place a few days ago when leaving the Late Night with Conan O'Brien show in some stellar vintage Persols. With super reflective lenses and a distinct egg-shape, our whole office is obsessed with these inventive frames. It thrills us to inform you that Persol released Arrow Signature Aviator Sunglasses ($229) in their Fall 08 Collection, and they are identical to Klum's pair. We suggest some cute Forever 21 Round Sunglasses ($5.80) as an inexpensive alternative, and also recommend you look to City of Angels Eyewear for similar vintage stock. -Jessica Amento

Photo of Anne, Bauer-Griffin. Photo of Ashley, X17. Photos of Michelle and Mary Kate, Splash News. Photos of Nicole and Heidi, Pacific Coast News.