The Surprising Shoe Style to Wear With a White Outfit

Courtney Trop is a Los Angeles–based blogger who created Always Judging as a place to share what inspires her. Originally a destination to share her personal style, it has evolved to include her passions for music and beauty. Her approach to style is effortless and understated, but also unpredictable. Below, Trop is sharing her style insight.

There are only so many ways to talk about what you’re wearing, especially when it comes to white—winter whites, white for spring, etc. Today I'm talking about the shoes that always look good with an all-white outfit, and what I've discovered is that metallic shoes always do the job. Instead of something bold like bright-red shoes, metallic-silver sandals pair perfectly with a white outfit. It fits with the subtle vibe of minimal tones but adds a little something to it. Want to see how I'm styling the look?

Keep reading to see how to pull off an all-white outfit, and then shop pieces inspired by my look.