Quiz: Which Supermodel Are You?

It's a question we've all asked ourselves at one time or another: If I were a supermodelwhich one would I be? (Or at the very least, we've all fantasized at one time or another about the sorts of lives they lead, right?)

Well, the geniuses over at Huffington Post Style have figured out a way to answer the question burning in all our minds: a quick, easy, fun-to-do quiz. You answer questions like where you're living (choices: London, New York, Boston, or out of a suitcase) and what your favorite accessory is (your tan, your fierceness, your cell phone, or whatever you choose to make cool), and the quiz tells you who you are. (This particular editor was thrilldo to get Kate Moss.)

Head over to Huffington Post Style to take the quiz now, then share your results in the comments below!