The Jacket Styles to Skip If You Have a Small Closet

Quick story: My senior year of college, my friend and I were living in a three-bedroom apartment with one empty room, so we did what you'd expect a pair of 20-year-old girls to do: We converted it into a massive shared closet. After college, I moved to NYC and subsequently was forced to fit my entire wardrobe into a closet that was about an eighth of the size of my massive room closet. You can probably imagine how that went. (For reference, I am not what you'd call a minimalist.)

I quickly realized that my outerwear collection (I attended college in chilly Pittsburgh) was taking up the majority of my minuscule closet space, and it was time for tough love. When you have a small closet, you're forced to really think about what you actually wear and what you can do without, and the best place to start is with the pieces that take up the most room. While my closet space has expanded over the years (which I'm forever grateful for), my jacket collection still contains the three essential styles I narrowed it down to during my tiny NYC closet days.

Below, find out which jacket styles to skip if you have a small closet, and what the three most essential types are (and why).