The Unlikely Places Fashion Girls Shop in Paris

Shopping isn’t something you do in Paris; it’s a state of mind. And while it’s fast-changing and unpredictable, Paris proves time and time again that it is the dominant force in the fashion world. From authentic vintage treasures to elegant couture ateliers, there’s a ton of cobblestone ground to cover if you’re lucky enough to land in Paris for a day of shopping.

Sure, we’re all familiar with the usual suspects that reign supreme. Avenue Montaigne boasts a number of the high-end luxury labels like Céline, Chanel, Dior, and Lanvin. While most of these staples are shoppable stateside, it’s in your best interest to have an in-store experience. But where do you go when you want to bring something home to give you serious bragging rights? Here’s my list of the most unlikely places to shopthe true treasure troves!

As I mentioned, there are a handful of well-heeled elite designers that come to mind when I think of Paris, but there are a few flying under the radar that are definitely worthy of a splurge.

Azzedine Alaïa



Dries Van Noten



These shops are home to thousands of quirky clothes and gifts for everyone you can imagine. A one-stop shop for the Parisian on the go, you can grab literally everything (from shoes for yourself and cologne for your boyfriend to lunch in their cute cafés) at these spots.




Tucked away in the coziest corners, you will find the city's most treasured gems. These Art Nouveau nooks were created in the late 1800s as the earliest forms of covered shopping areas, aka department stores!

Passage des Panoramas



Passage du Grand-Cerf



Passage Galerie Vivienne



If there’s one place in the world to visit for vintage, it’s Paris, and these three might be Paris’s best-kept secrets (until now).

Chez Sarah



Valois Vintage Paris



Pretty Box



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Opening Image: @alledesroses