I Always Hated One-Piece Swimsuits, Until Now


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As a kid, and into my early twenties, I was lucky enough to grow up minutes away from the beach, which means I've spent a lot of time in a swimsuit. But in my 29 years, I can only ever remember wearing a bikini. Sure, I've tried on the odd one-piece here and there, but never understood its allure. I'm a bit naughty and like letting my skin get a tan (always with SPF!), so the suntan always won out over the one-piece (it covered up more skin, you see). It wasn't until recently, when some of my favourite swimwear designers (Zimmermann, Ephemera, Matteau, Monday Swimwear) started catering more and more to the one-piece trend, that I started to really take notice and reconsider my stance. I became a girl on a mission.

I work in fashion, so I'm always sucked in to trying new trends (my fiancé thinks my small oval sunglasses are hilarious) and thus I decided this summer I'd give the one-piece one more attempt and forego the tummy tan (will be applying this gradual tan lotion instead).

In order to really give this trend a go, I shopped some of my favourite one-pieces online, and took them all home to try in the comfort of my own space. Not the type of experiment for a change room.

Surprisingly, I found more than one style that I fell in love with (with one clear front-runner, but more on that later).  It feels like the cut of the one-piece has come a long way in recent years (but in a way, also reverted back to what it once was). The high-leg cut that ruled the '80s and '90s is super flattering, and if you opt for quality fabrics, you'll feel really supported in the tummy region.

So the style that stood out above the rest for me? The Monday Swimwear Bahamas One Piece ($160) in black. The classic simple shape is the perfect entry point for someone not accustomed to a one-piece. It's just the right amount of revealing on the bottom, and the material feels sturdy enough to hold everything in place should I want to do something crazy like get on a SUP.

Now, I'm a true convert, and am hoping to find a few more one-piece swimsuits under the tree this year.

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