How I Plan to Tackle My Wedding Dress Shopping

Disclaimer: Before I actually sat down to write this story, I had no idea what my plan would be to tackle my wedding dress shopping. You see, I got engaged two months ago and haven’t given a wedding, a dress, anything a second thought (except the shoe part… I’ve thought about that a lot). People tell me this is silly because I plan on getting married next year (will let you know if I actually pull it together by then), and apparently there isn’t enough time. My lack of care isn’t because I don’t want to get married, I do (lol), and I love organising things, but the problem is, I’ve never had a vision in my head about what I want my wedding day to be, so the whole concept is brand new to me. I assume I’m not the only bride-to-be who’s confused about where to start... But for me, it's all about the clothes, so I’m picking out my dress first.

Read on to discover my four-step plan to find ‘the one’.

Start a Pinterest Board


Ali Mitton for The Lane

I know, I know. Everyone already does this, but there's gotta be a reason why. Creating my Pinterest board is essential before I get to my next three steps. Once I have my 2016 version of a scrapbook all set up, I can start 'pinning' different images I like. Eventually (I hope), I should start to see a vibe form, which will be what I refer back to when I start shopping.

Style-Stalk My Favourite Celebrity and Blogger Weddings


Splash News

Pictured: Kate Moss on her wedding day to Jamie Hince.

Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian-West, Helena Bordon—there have been some pretty memorable weddings in recent years, so I'm looking back on Who What Wear Australia and pinning my favourites. 

Revisit My Favourite Fashion Editorials


Ali Mitton for The Lane

I'll be revisiting all of my favourite fashion editorials (which I have conveniently saved on my desktop in a folder), and pulling out anything with a white dress and saving to my Pinterest board. If you don't have a secret 'inspo' folder on your computer where you've been saving images of fashion shoots for the last 15 years, start by visiting sites like The Lane and Fashion Gone Rogue.

Go Through the Runway Archives of My Favourite Designers


Getty Images

Pictured: Balenciaga S/S 16

Some of my favourite designers are Balenciaga, Ellery, Givenchy, and The Row. I'll be going straight to the archives from past ready-to-wear and couture collections and find my favourite designs. (Then cross my fingers that I win some kind of lottery and can ask them to re-make it for me.) 

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