7 Unexpected Cities With the Best Street Style

Street style is undoubtedly our number one form of style inspiration. When you're in a style slump, there's nothing better in our minds than seeing fresh outfit ideas on real people. Sure, we also get a big thrill out of beautiful editorial spreads and visually stunning fashion campaigns. But there's something about seeing a very literal interpretation of the season's most eye-catching trends being worn in creative new ways that make us pin, save, and like street style images all day long.

That's why we're highlighting seven cities around the world whose style game is next-level. Nope, not Paris, London, or New York, whose style we've known and loved for longer than we can remember. Style hubs like Kiev and Copenhagen that are a little less expected but absolutely deserve to be on your radar. Though it can sometimes seem like everyone dresses the same no matter where you go, we're proving that to be so false. Each destination we've chosen has cultivated a unique sartorial ethos that can't be found anywhere else.

Keep reading to see which cities are on our list of street style destinations to know and shop pieces inspired by each city's distinct style.