What's a cute way to style a double-slit skirt?

In recent seasons we have seen skirts go from long to short, from maxi to midi, and most recently, from high-low to double-slit! Since this super modern twist on an old favorite is an eye-catcher in itself, we have a few suggestions on exactly how to wear it right.

Styling Suggestion #1: Start with a classic t-shirt or simple button-up.
First things first: a simple base. The skirt is unquestionably interesting, so balance the bold silhouette with a simple top, ideally a classic t-shirt or button-up. For both of these options, we favor a clean white or cream shirt, and make sure it's neither shrunken nor oversized.

Styling Suggestion #2: Cuff it or half-tuck it.
Add some cool factor to your basic top by rolling up your t-shirt sleeves a couple times (a la James Dean) or pop the collar and push up the sleeves of your button-up (a la Sophia Loren). Loosely tuck your shirt in--but only in front--making sure the back drapes with ease.

Styling Suggestion #3: Add a statement shoe.
​This breezy spring look is simply screaming for a standout shoe option. We love a flat sandal with stones or studs to add an unexpected edge. If flats aren't your thing and you need a little height, try a wedge of some sort--perhaps a cork bottom to add interest? Other options that would work: wedges with animal-print details, color-blocked straps, or something with a touch of metallic that gives your look a burst of shine.

Image of Alessandra Ambrosio, courtesy of AKM GSI