Do You Know What Your Birthstone Actually Means?

Have you ever wondered what your birthstone actually means? Sure it's nice to receive a precious stone in a piece of jewellery on a special occasion, but its meaning is even more interesting.

Personalised gifts are no longer just a trend. We're spoilt for choice and can now monogram everything from leather goods to pyjamas to napkins—we truly live in a world where gift-giving has really gone to the next level (not complaining). A gift that includes a birthstone is a special way to show someone you care (or a lovely treat for yourself).

To help us better understand birthstones and their meanings, we reached out to jeweller Tamila Purvis of Mania Mania for her insights. Describing their meaning, Purvis explained, "The way a birthstone works is that they have been chosen for their unique energy and vibrations which complement the personality traits of each month or zodiac sign. They're a beautiful way to have your month of birth or zodiac sign represented with a personal gemstone in jewellery".

Scroll on for the birth stones and their meanings, then shop to jewellery inspired by the month you were born.


The garnet stone is thought to keep the wearer safe during travel.


Amethyst is a calming stone which helps its wearer find peace, and promotes courage.


An aquamarine stone is calming, soothing, and cleansing. It is thought to open the channels for clear communication.


Diamonds are a symbol of purity and everlasting love.


The emerald stone represents friendship, loyalty, and faithfulness. It is also believed to bestow the wearer with prosperity. 


Pearls signify wealth. The wearer is said to have an increase of personal integrity and growth.  


It was believed wearing a ruby stone will bestow good fortune, health, love, and wisdom on its owner.


The peridot symbolises strength, and is thought to help achieve peace and success.


The sapphire stone is thought to guard against evil, and symbolises purity and wisdom.


Opals represent hope, creativity, and innocence. 


Topaz (also known as yellow topaz) is associated with strength and healing for the mind.


Blue topaz represents a happy life that is filled with good fortune.

Opening image: Mania Mania

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