Keira Knightley

Professionally Keira Knightley might be known for wearing her fair share of corsets, but when it comes to her personal style, the actress is anything but tightly laced. The British beauty's off-screen wardrobe choices are an enviable mix of Parisian tomboy-meets-prim sophisticate, as she tends to favor understated boots, slouchy beanies, and modest lines (of both the hem and neck variety). Rather than tackling every trend that comes rolling down the runway, Knightley plays with fashion in a more nuanced way. She experiments with texture, favors modern classics with a twist, and prefers to wear a sober palette (think: gray, blue, and beige) with an occasional pattern or bright red accent. Accordingly, for today's What Would She Wear story, we sought out subtly interesting pieces that embody our subject's coolly casual taste. From a textured top to a tremendous pair of tortoise sunglasses, we think you'll enjoy the selection of Knightley-inspired pieces we pulled for your shopping edification!

1. Sam Edelman Venice Ankle Boots ($180)
While we picked very current pieces for Knightley's W.W.S.W. story, we wanted to showcase at least one item that winks at her cinematic wardrobe, hence our inclusion of this ankle boot. The lace-up style has a slightly old-fashioned vibe, but the soft brown leather and peep-toe silhouette is totally timely. In honor of today's muse, wear them with an unexpected accessory