11 Things That Always Go With White Jeans



Not that we're ones to commit to old-school fashion rules, but now that Memorial Day is behind us, it's white jean season. With warmer temperatures and plenty of outdoor activities, dark, sleek denim is quickly replaced with its more easygoing sibling. But white denim can come with a host of headaches. First of all, finding the right pair of white jeans can be tricky—making sure they aren't too sheer or overly stretchy and that the cut is flattering can take some time. The other tricky part: figuring out what to wear with them.

Since white jeans take a bit more finesse than your everyday blue denim, it can be tough to figure out what exactly goes with them. But don't worry, as we're here to help. Below, find 11 things that will always work with white denim. From shoes to accessories to tops, it's guaranteed you'll have something to wear with your favorite white jeans because if you've worked so hard to find the perfect pair, actually wearing them should be stress-free.