Everyone Owns a Nude Bra, but No One Wears It Like This

Crop tops and bra tops have seen an uptick in popularity the last several years, but more often than not, the trend is spotted in a deluge of colors and patterns. Neutrals are also popular, versatile colors for such pieces—but up until now, the concept of a nude-hued take on the item flew under the radar. Olivia Munn challenged that idea on a recent outing and made us reconsider our previous inclinations about the style.

Since everyday lingerie tends to skew toward something that matches our individual skin tones and remains concealed, it's likely that this connotation has influenced the popular choice in bras-as-tops toward something that feels overtly like outerwear, not underwear. That said, a piece with such nuances such as Olivia's, like a trendy lace-up detail, makes it clear that you didn't just accidentally walk out of the house in your underthings—it provides a more intentional fashion-forward spin. Teamed with a long duster coat and high-waisted trousers for modesty, the actress makes a case for the unconventional as a viable option for daywear.

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