How Miranda Kerr Dresses Up Denim for a Major Night Out

Despite what you may have heard, you can get away with wearing denim to a formal event, and now there's photographic proof. We have Miranda Kerr to thank for showing us how to dress up jeans for a major night out. For the girls who live in jeans and T-shirts: This one is for you.

The big night was in honor of Kerr's own capsule collection created with cult-favorite denim brand Mother, so it made sense for her to wear jeans. But seeing her outfit gave us so much inspiration to try something similar for other festivities. Her main trick? Though she wore casual light wash skinny jeans, every other item she chose had subtle levels of detail that made the overall vibe that much more elevated. Specifically, she added a satin-trimmed blazer, a lacy turtleneck top, a pearl-lined Gucci belt, a pair of velvet platform heels, and a metallic, fringed clutch to dial up her casual pants. It just goes to show that texture and embellishments go a long way.

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