Did Kendall Jenner Just Bring Back Another Forgotten Trend?

Okay everyone, it's official—Kendall Jenner is the master of bringing back forgotten trends and making them cool again. Remember when she wore the 2016 version of jeggings? Or when she and Gigi Hadid rocked some trucker hats? Or better yet—when she wore a sailor hat to the airport? The girl seriously can do no wrong. No matter how retro or strange the trend, she somehow finds a way to modernize it and incorporate it into her personal style aesthetic. It's a serious talent. 

For her latest feat, Kendall has brought back one of the biggest pattern trends of your childhood—camouflage. And no, she didn't wear army pants and flip flops (thank goodness)! She styled a camo-print bomber jacket with her usual athleisure attire—in this case, a crop top, leggings, and white sneakers. Styling the bold pattern with a more pared-down casual look totally balanced out overall vibe of her ensemble. 

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