Hailey Baldwin's Trick for Not Drowning in Her So-Cozy Coat

Low winter temperatures tend to bring out more of what we like to call "dad outfits," especially in NYC, where winter nights have been chillier than ever. We witnessed this just a few days ago via Hailey Baldwin, who transformed what could have been a regular dad-inspired, baseball-hat-and-Champion-jacket combo into an elevated look by pairing a Balenciaga-emblazoned cap with a silky varsity jacket.

Well, she's already wearing the hat again, this time with a more luxe aesthetic featuring a cozy shearling coat. She made sure not to get lost in the bulky piece by opting for skinny black RtA pants and pointed-toe boots, which elongated the part of her frame that wasn't hidden hidden beneath the coat. These styling choices, plus the way she repurposed her hat for a totally different vibe, are pretty genius in our books.

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