When Matching Your Dress to Your Shoes Actually Works—Really

Inherently, almost everyone desires some element of cohesion when putting together an outfit—it should go together in some way, shape, or form. (Isn't that why you assembled it how you did?) Even still, there is a line that's often passé to cross—when your artfully selected ensemble goes from complementary to completely matchy-matchy. So Frieda Pinto defied all odds when she stepped out in a dress and pumps with the exact same print—and minimal accessories.

What might on paper sound like a total flop was flawless in execution—with a few key styling details. First, the subdued polka-dot print is an easier pill to swallow than, say, a brightly patterned novelty number. Second, the silhouettes of said items are utterly classic, bringing a requisite dose of elegance to the look. Third, it's Dolce & Gabbana. Overall, it's chic as can be.

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