This 10-Minute DIY Will Take Your Jeans to the Next Level

Denim is a very important thing for the off-duty model. We've seen our favorite runway stars wear everything from jeggings to no-waist jeans when they're on the streets, and now we've spotted the latest microtrend: studded jeans. Bella Hadid wore a pair from Sandro when she was in Paris earlier this month, and once we got a closer look, we totally fell in love.

The silver badges lent the jeans a certain vintage charm, but her sleek Givenchy coat and Public Desire sock boots kept the overall ensemble feeling modern. Embellishments like the ones on this pair are a much subtler version of the embroidered and novelty denim we saw a lot of earlier this year. Therefore, if you've been nervous to try out the trend up until now, this is the beginner's way to do it. Hadid's particular pair is already on sale, but you could also DIY the look at home with just a few minutes and a trip to your local craft store. You'll be glad you did.

Scroll on to see and shop the look.

What do you think of these jeans? Will you be making a DIY pair? Let us know in the comments below.