Alexa Chung Just Solved the Airport Style Dilemma We've All Experienced

Alexa Chung has long been regarded as a purveyor of cool, known for her uncanny ability to make even the simplest wardrobe staples like jeans and blazers look infinitely more desirable. It should come as no surprise, then, that she just pulled off an airport outfit that's totally utilitarian yet, on paper, a likely style faux pas.

We've all experienced the unpredictable climate of an airplane cabin, in which it's entirely possible to be sweating bullets one moment and turning ice cold another. But what's a girl to do, tote a small army of outerwear options on her person? According to Chung, the answer is yes.

With her signature uniform of slim denim, a vintage-looking T-shirt, and ankle boots serving as the base, she slung a fuzzy jacket over her shoulders to serve as one makeshift blanket while tying a cargo topper at the waist, presumably ready as backup. How she's made this combo work, we can only chalk up to her sartorial sensibilities. And it's encouraging to us that when in need, we could try something similar.

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