The One Piece Every Vogue Editor Is Obsessed With

Want to dress like a Vogue editor? Turns out, it may be easier than you think. A recent article on took an in-depth look at what the glossy's staffers really wear, and there was one common theme: lots and lots of jeans.

Vogue Branded Content Director Jane Herman said that denim is at the crux of her closet. “Everything I wear pares back to the 10 (of about 140) pairs of jeans I currently have on rotation,” she told the website. “If it doesn’t go with whatever denim I’m into, I don’t wear it.”

Chioma Nnadi,'s Fashion News Director, agrees with that sentiment: “Personally, the one thing I find myself rotating again and again is denim,” she said. “I’m not a girl who likes to wear jeans every day, but when I do, it ends up being denim I’ve had for years.” Market Editor Kelly Connor also revealed a trick for incorporating her favorite Imogene & Willie black jeans into her looks year-round. “I have them in two sizes so that they are always there for me (fattening holidays notwithstanding),” she said. Genius!

Head over to to read the full article, and scroll down to shop our favorite jeans on the market right now!

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Opening Image: Style du Monde