5 Things Every Stylish Woman Will Wear Soon

Fashion buyers and editors are all breathing small sighs of relief; Paris Fashion Week (and fashion month in general) has finally come to an end. That means that the time has arrived to finally slow down and take a deeper look at all that's happened in the last 30 days. That means we're all reflecting back on our favorite shows and sussing out what we can all expect to see (and shop) this coming fall.

If you've ever wondered about what it's all like from a buyer's perspective, you're in luck. We tapped an expert, Claire Distenfeld, the owner and creative director of Fivestory, to share what caught her eye. As the woman behind the boutique every NYC girl loves to frequent, Claire has invaluable insight into how she decides what makes the cut.

Her biggest advice, "you always have to take into consideration that runway shows are not reality." Claire notes that when she's visiting showrooms, she runs down a list of crucial questions, where a customer would wear an item, it's purpose, value, and of course if it's comfortable. "My taste and my shopping habits are really similar to my client, so if I walk into a showroom and say 'I want to wear the $%# out of that,' my client usually feels a version of that same sentiment."

Below, Claire highlighted five of her favorite takeaways after the fray, explaining why each will be a major must for fall. Read on for her take on the trends, and to shop the styles now (before everyone else does)!