Is This Olivia Palermo's Quirkiest Outfit Ever?

Olivia Palermo loves a good earth tone. She also loves a good bright. And black, come to think of it. She could arguably be considered the Queen of Color, given her willingness to try just about any hue at least once. And Palermo's color-pairing skills were on full display earlier this week at London Fashion Week.

Perhaps more than any other hue, what to wear with brown is always a controversial subject. Bright tomato red, burgundy, and turquoise usually don't fall under the category of "do" when it comes to how to wear the "ugly" hue. But Palermo just took her sartorial skills and shattered any preconceived notions you may have had about wearing brown with one quirky (in a good way) outfit. She wore a brown maxi skirt and added a red turtleneck, an artfully tied burgundy sweater around her shoulders, and a pair of turquoise velvet loafers. Sounds like a potential faux pas, right? But Palermo wore the quirky look with confidence, and it magically worked. She looked effortlessly polished and pretty. The verdict? Brown is clearly more of an easy-to-wear neutral than you may have thought, as evidenced by Palermo's unexpected outfit combination.

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