The Only 5 Pieces You Need to Get Through Winter

We’re all about the stylish add-ons that take an outfit to the next level, but before considering such things, we have to make sure we have the bread and butter nailed down—especially when it comes to winter. Whether you live in a place so cold it snows, or somewhere more temperate that’s a bit easier to dress for, having a closet stocked with basics you can mix and match with everything is necessary.

So what are these magical items we think you should own? You’ll have to click through to find out, but they’re all pieces you should buy if you don’t already own them. Thankfully, because they’re so timeless, you’re sure to find these staples at a range of price points, many of which we’ve included here for you to shop.

Check out the top five winter essentials to stock your closet with this season, and if we missed any of your favorites, leave them in the comments at the end.