Why You Should Get Excited Now for Rio 2016

Ever had a dream to attend the Olympics? As a kid, all I wanted to do was be an Olympic gymnast—most likely because I was at the impressionable age of 12 when the Sydney Olympics were taking over Australia in 2000.

Now, it’s Rio’s turn to hold the Olympic torch, and with only 59 days to go until the opening ceremony, we have fitness on the mind. And as it turns out, so does Cotton On Body. The leisure wear label is here to help get you excited for Rio 2016, by releasing a new collection celebrating the games (even if it is just from your couch).

International models Keilani Asmus and Anna Herrin visited Australia to shoot the campaign, so we grabbed five minutes with the girls to talk about what motivates them to exercise, and what they’re looking forward to most about Rio 2016. Keep scrolling to read our exclusive interview!


Travis Grace

Who What Wear Australia: What are your favourite Australian brands?

Anna Herrin: Cotton On Body (!), Zimmerman, I also love One Teaspoon’s denim shorts and General Pants Co. is the Urban Outfitters of Australia.

WWW: What are you looking forward to most about Rio 2016?

Keilani Asmus: The high jump and anything track and field. I was super sporty growing up and played a lot of sports. My dad was my soccer coach for 10 years. If I wasn't a model, I'd be playing soccer at university. I also love watching the English Premier League with my boyfriend—he's a Liverpool fan.

AH: Definitely the Brazilian volleyball team—I love a bit of 'buttspo’. I also love watching the Olympics from my couch with a tonne of snacks. I tried almost every team sport growing up—unsuccessfully. I'm just not very competitive.


Travis Grace

WWW: What do you love to wear when exercising? Does it help motivate you?

KA: I love all styles and coordinating my activewear. I never wear jeans—only yoga pants and trackies. I like to DIY my old T-shirts into crops to work out in, too.

AH: It absolutely motivates me. I do a lot of hot yoga so I usually wear a sports bra and short shorts. Seeing your whole body in the mirror definitely motivates you to work hard. I also like long black leggings.


Travis Grace

WWW: Do you have any favourite Australian models?

KA: Gabrielle Sullivan, from Perth. We lived together in New York when I first started modelling.

AH: Abbey Lee Kershaw! 


Travis Grace

WWW: Is it your first time visiting Australia? What’s your first impression? Or if not, what do you love about returning?

KA: Yes, this is my first visit and I loved Australia within the 15 minutes of being in Sydney. I love that it's a city but it's also on the beach. And it's really clean. Australia is the first place I've visited where I could see myself living. 

AH: I've been here a bunch of times—my ex-boyfriend was Australian. I love it. I love the food—the presentation is top notch. Oh and obviously the accent... and the kangaroos.


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What sport are you looking forward to seeing at Rio 2016? Let us know in the comments below.

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