5 Actually Cool Outfits to Wear on the Fourth of July

Ah, the Fourth of July barbecue outfit. Every year, it’s a fine balance between looking semi-patriotic without overdoing it, looking chic while not appearing to have tried too hard, and standing out while simultaneously blending in. In fewer words: It’s a headache. But not this year, folks! Today we’re bringing you five easy outfits perfect for the occasion (and the rest of the season). Regardless of if you want to buy the looks or re-create them with pieces you already own, consider this your foolproof guide. And not to worry, because whether you’re a dress or denim shorts girl, we’ve got something for you.

So what are you waiting for? See and shop the looks below!

Which look will you be wearing this holiday weekend? Tell us in the comments! 

Opening Image: Style du Monde