Current Mood: End of Summer Vacation

The final weeks of summer are right in front of us, so naturally we’re trying to cash in on the little time we have left. But doesn’t just planning some downtime always seem to create so much stress? Well, we are coming to the rescue! Whether you want to take it easy with a book on the beach or wander through the streets of your favorite city, we’ve gathered the best items to bring on your vacations so you can take advantage of your precious time away from the office. Keep scrolling to get a hassle-free guide for wherever your next vacation might be.

If sunbathing just doesn’t cut it for you, taking a trip with an outdoorsy, adventurous flair might be right up your alley. Whether you’re scuba diving or cliff jumping, you’ll need a little bit of everything to get you through your trip. We rounded up the best things to bring along so you can travel in style! 

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The beach is the prime summer vacay spot, and with destinations like Ibiza and Bora Bora as go-to spots for celebs, you should start planning your trip pronto. Sun, sand, and daiquiris are calling your name! It’s always a perfect time to take it easy, so don’t forget to pack these items in your bag before taking off for the stress-free vacation you deserve! 

There’s a reason metropolitan areas are one of the most frequented travel destinations. The allure of the hustle and bustle just keeps drawing us back, and the rich history, amazing food, and killer fashion inspiration could make this one of your most worthwhile trips. But don’t forget to look at our packing list before you head out to the pubs in London or stop for a photo op at the Eiffel Tower!

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Have a great summer vacation planned? Tell us about it in the comments below!