Battling Post-Thanksgiving Bulge? The Best Trend to Wear

Listen up, guys. It’s the day after Thanksgiving. If you’re like the majority of Americans, you did little more yesterday beyond eat ridiculous amounts of food, enjoy some beverages, and sit around, hanging out with family and/or friends. Unless you’re one of those crazy people who went to the gym on a holiday (more power to you…), chances are you’re feeling more than a bit bloated today.

In terms of style, you’re in luck! A bloated day no longer means you’re limited to wearing sweatpants or pajamas outside your house. A lot of the current trending looks are most appropriate for days when you’re feeling a bit less than skinny. Case in point: blanket coats, ponchos, and capes. It’s as if all of fall fashion was created specifically to swathe you the day after Thanksgiving.

Keep scrolling to shop nine of the best oversized pieces perfect for when you’re having a fat day! 

Topshop Checked Cape ($52)

What will YOU be wearing today? Tell us in the comments below!