What to Wear on a Date: Kendall Jenner Edition

Often, when dressing for a date, we’ve found that women (ourselves included) tend to go for outfits that while epitomizing feminine style (think LBD) can simultaneously feel, well, unoriginal and uninspired. Is it because looking feminine is the safest bet? Or that the majority of date night–related fashion advice out there conforms to this cliché? To be honest, we’re not quite sure. Today, however, in an effort to combat stereotypical date-night style, we’re looking to the cool-girl appeal of Kendall Jenner. Because whether on duty or off, the model of the moment has an uncanny ability to dress up while still possessing an effortless, laid-back element.

Not sure what we mean? Scroll through to see (and shop!) six Kendall Jenner outfits that are both date night ready and cool girl approved.