Don't Travel to Hawaii Without These Key Vacation-Ready Pieces

Do you ever find yourself living vicariously through the far-flung tropical destinations bloggers always seem to travel to? While it feels like everyone is traveling halfway around the world to destinations like Bali or the South of France, there's one place that's much more accessible to those living in the continental U.S.—Hawaii. Though it's roughly a six-hour flight from the West Coast, the islands that make up our 50th state feel like a world away. While some of you may call Hawaii your go-to spot for a beach vacation, others among us (myself included) will settle to scroll through these gorgeous images and plan our dream Hawaii wardrobe.

While other beach vacations might have you exploring a local town or being more active, Hawaii is a place where you can hit the beach and maybe go snorkeling. In other words, it's easy to live in your bikini all day, every day while soaking up the vitamin D. Which is why we've put together a seven-piece wardrobe to wear in Hawaii with a lot of inspiration from our favorite blogger's dream vacations.

Go on to see the seven beach-ready pieces bloggers have proven are perfect for a vacation in Hawaii (or any other tropical destination, for that matter).