What 6 Australian Women Would Never Wear to Work

We often look to our co-workers and other stylish women for 9-5 workwear inspiration. There’s a fine line between wanting to be on-trend and fashionable, while also keeping in line with what’s appropriate for the office. As a general rule, we think keeping accessories clean and polished and exposed skin to a minimum is best practice for all industries.

For more style advice from women in the know, we asked five Australian businesswomen at the top of their game to tell us which pieces they would never wear to work.

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Roxy Jacenko

“A nude bodysuit. While Kim Kardashian can get away with it, there’s nothing worse than sitting in a meeting and having everyone look at you with a confused look while they work out if you have turned up naked.”

Roxy Jacenko  of Sweaty Betty PR and The Ministry Of Talent


Alyce Tran

“There are a lot of things that would fall into this category, but I would broadly say never wear anything to the office that you would consider wearing to the beach!” 

Alyce Tran of The Daily Edited


Bianca Burd

“My work wardrobe has definitely evolved over the past ten years! I cringe to think at the short-shorts I used to wear—something I would now never wear! I would also stay clear of anything too sheer, too tight or too low cut!” 

—Bianca Burd of Sportsgirl


Margie Woods and Lisa Reynolds

“Apart from being in a creative environment, I am a busy mum on the run. So very little is on the banned list. I draw the line on crop tops and skimpy dresses. Wherever possible I try to keep [my look] simple, classic and balanced. E.g. If you can get away with wearing sneakers to work, make sure the rest of your outfit is elevated.” 

—Margie Woods of Viktoria & Woods

“In fashion I think you can get away with wearing pieces you may not be able to in a corporate environment. We mix sneakers, denim and T-shirts with more refined pieces. But two items that go too far for me and are a definite no-go—fluro and gym gear. There’s a time and a place, and it isn’t the office.”

—Lisa Reynolds of Viktoria & Woods


Amanda Joe

“There are probably many things that I wouldn’t or shouldn’t wear to work, although the first thing that comes to mind, is I would never wear anything itchy. Pants or skirts that I can’t trust to be comfortable in all day are a definite no-go.”

Amanda Joe of M.A.P

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Main image courtesy of Jessie Bush of We The People.

What would you never wear to work? Share your thoughts in the comments below!