The First Thing You Should Get Rid of After a Breakup

Part of moving on from a relationship can mean parting with certain belongings. In order to find out the first thing to ditch after a relationship ends, we reached out to the founder of Smart Dating Academy, Bela Gandhi, for her expert insight. According to the dating coach, you should get rid of anything that triggers an emotion or reminds you of your ex. Gandhi suggests, “browsing through your closet and if there’s a piece that strikes up an emotion, I suggest to my clients to get rid of it. If something brings you pain and not joy, it’s important to remove it from your closet. When you don’t want to throw it away, you can donate, sell, or give the item to a friend. Finding another home for the emotional piece is key.”

A good way to keep the breakup process positive is to replace the item with something new. For example, if there’s a pair of shoes you wore on your first date and they will forever remind you of that night, sell the shoes and treat yourself to a new pair. Whether you’re currently going through a breakup or helping a friend through the emotionally draining time, find joy in parting with the old and making room for new, stylish memories.

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