Zara Has Too Much to Choose From, So Just Buy These 5 Pieces

Of the many things that Zara is, overwhelming is definitely one of them. For example, there are currently 620 dresses to choose from. How are we supposed to choose one dress out of 620 of them? Oh, and to make it harder, they're all affordable. We say this like it's a bad thing, which it definitely is not, but it's enough to make a fashion girl's head explode. Which is why we took it upon ourselves to share with you the five pieces that are currently waiting in our shopping carts to order today. And since they're all very sell out–worthy, we thought you should know about them ASAP. From a pair of versatile flats that we plan on wearing all the time to a gorgeous dress that we'd layer over jeans, these are our top five Zara picks of the moment. And did we mention that they're all under $70? (If you want to buy them all, the grand total is a mere $198.)

Keep scrolling to shop our current favorite Zara pieces while they're hot (aka before they inevitably sell out). You can thank us later for saving you lots of time and money.