The 6 Items You Still Need to Add to Your Closet This Fall

If you ask us, the only bad thing about fall shopping is that it has to end. Luckily, with the season already in full swing, we're here to be your autumnal shopping enablers—we fully support your habit, and we won't apologize for it.

To help guide you in your journey to keep growing your fall wardrobe, we enlisted the help of our resident stylist, Marissa Webb. We initially asked her to select just one item she's still adding to her closet this season, but like many women with shopping habits, she couldn't choose just one.

"It's hard to select just one piece that would work for every woman," she told us. "These items are a few items on my personal hit list."

Keep scrolling to see which items Webb thinks you should still be adding to your closet this fall!