Stylish Guys

A handsome man is one thing, but a handsome man who also has an eye for fashion? Well, now that's what your WWW editors really like to see! So much so, in fact, that we decided to dedicate an entire What They Wear story to a select group of dapper fellows, who have all successfully demonstrated their ability to assemble noteworthy ensembles galore. To prove it, we asked GQ Associate Editor Andrew Richdale to lend his expertise and weigh in on each of today's stylish outfits!
About Our Guest Expert
Before getting into all of the details for each look, first we'd like to introduce you to our expert commentator, Andrew Richdale. As the Associate Editor for GQ, Richdale spends a majority of his time writing pieces for the magazine's front-of-book sections, Manual, and has a weekly feature on called The Week in Style, where he breaks down the best- and worst-dressed looks of the week. In other words: Richdale is the perfect person to help us with today's story. We are thrilled he was able to take some time out of his deadline-filled schedule to give us his thoughts, and as always, we'd love to hear your opinions too, so be sure to drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook!

WHO: Robert Pattinson
WHAT: Photographed at the New York premiere of Cosmopolis last month.
WEAR: Gucci Cruise 2013 Azul Silk Cotton Notch Lapel Two Button Monaco Suit ($1990) with Baltic Blue Stretch Popeline Button-Down Shirt ($520) and black Solid Silk Tie ($185).
WHY: "At all of the Euro fashion shows, there are one or two sort of vanity suits that you think, uh, great, but who is going to wear that? And then Robert Pattinson is like: burgundy Gucci two-button? Hell yeah! And he looks sharp as Satan doing it. This is another one of those moments. He's just a pro at pulling off lux-y, eccentric suits."
Get the Look: Paul Smith London Byard Slim-Fit Wool Suit ($1335); Reiss Ecuador Long Sleeve Dobby Detail Shirt ($150); J. Crew Italian Wool Suiting Tie ($60).

WHO: David Beckham
WHAT: Leaving Gjelina restaurant in Venice, California early last month.
WEAR: Gray t-shirt; off-white pants; green beanie; lace-up boots.
WHY: "What's so great about a guy like Beckham is that he knows how to go all out with a black-tie look, but he can also throw on a beanie-an essential for guys with longer, bedhead-prone manes-and a stretched-out v-neck for a weekend stroll and look just as polished and inimitably stylish."
Get the Look: Rag & Bone Basic Tee ($80) in Iron; J. Crew Slim Brushed-Cotton Trousers ($70); Quicksilver Row Beanie ($20); Paul Smith Washed-Leather Brogue Boots ($625).

WHO: Ryan Gosling
WHAT: Running around New York earlier this year.
WEAR: Burgundy cardigan; printed t-shirt; dark-wash jeans; aviator sunglasses; lace-up boots.
WHY: "What's interesting about Gosling's style-which is all his, by the way-is that it mirrors his career. He dips into mainstream traditions, but his heart is in the indie stuff. And there's no other indie-kid trend that's breaking bigger right now than Baja and Navajo prints. They dominate the style blogs, just like he does."
Get the Look: J. Crew Slim Slub Merino Cardigan ($98); ASOS T-Shirt with All Over Aztec Stripe ($26); Levi's Vintage Clothing 1960 605 Orange Label Washed Slim-Fit Jeans ($225); Urban RenewalVintage Combat Boots ($69).

WHO: Kanye West
WHAT: On the red carpet at the 2012 Met Gala earlier this year.
WEAR: Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci tuxedo.
WHY: "In a weird way, Kanye is like the Gwyneth Paltrow of dudes-a larger-than-life human mannequin guys in Flyover, USA might not relate to but can vicariously experience Givenchy, Lanvin, and every other highest-of-high line through. He looks sick doing it, too, especially when we're talking black tie, which is his strong suit."
Get the Look: Ludlow Two-Button Tuxedo Jacket with Double-Vented Back in Italian Wool ($525) and Classic Tuxedo Pants in Italian Wool ($265); Gucci Slim-Fit Cotton Shirt ($385); Lanvin Silk-Satin Double Bow Tie ($130).

WHO: Adam Scott
WHAT: Arriving at the Los Angeles premiere of The Bachelorette last month.
WEAR: Topman suit; J. Crew tie; Shoto shoes.
WHY: "When it comes to that classic GQ sort of look-narrow lapels, equally narrow tie, and a perfectly slim suit-there's just about no other guy out there right now nailing it as often as Adam Scott. His look is not just for show, either. If you run into him on the streets in NYC, he's just as polished and put together as he is on the red carpet."
Get the Look: Acne Wall St Wool Suit Jacket ($580) and Slim-Fit Suit Trousers ($280); J. Crew Classic Point-Collar Shirt ($88); Brioni Spotted Woven-Silk Tie ($200).

WHO: Josh Hutcherson
WHAT: Hanging out with friends in Hollywood last month.
WEAR: Denim jacket; white v-neck t-shirt; dark-wash jeans; sneakers.
WHY: "It's nice to see this guy experimenting a little with something different. Usually, he's a bit more preppy, a bit more wholesome. But he's starring in the biggest blockbuster trilogy right now, so sure. Go ahead and slick back your hair, pull on a jean jacket, and do that whole waster-greaser-teenage thing."
Get the Look: Jean Shop Washed Selvedge Denim Jacket ($320); James Perse V-Neck Tee ($85); Topman Navy Slim Chinos ($60).

WHO: Justin Theroux
WHAT: Out in New York a few weeks ago.
WEAR: Lacoste t-shirt; dark-wash jeans; Supreme hat; vintage boots.
WHY: "Justin's style is really lived-in and reliably badass. Three ways he pulls it off: he keeps things absolutely simple. He wears black, all black, in all kinds of shades, which gives his look some texture. And he buys a mix of high-end and vintage pieces, like leather jackets and raw denim, and wears them dead.
Get the Look: American Apparel Poly-Cotton Short Sleeve Crew Neck ($20); J Brand Kane Washed Straight-Leg Jeans ($200); Ray-Ban Large Metal Aviators ($145).

Photo of Kanye West, courtesy of Getty Images; Photo of Adam Scott; courtesy of Rex USA; Photo of Justin Theroux, courtesy of Pacific Coast News; Photo of Ryan Gosling, courtesy of Splash News; Photos of Robert Pattinson, Josh Hutcherson, and David Beckham, courtesy of X17.