What should I pack for a tropical getaway?

We are green with envy that a warm, relaxing getaway is in your future--isn't summer vacation the best? Of course, no one wants homework before a holiday, but if you follow this formula when packing your suitcase, we promise the results will be excellent.

Packing Suggestion #1: Pick a versatile swimsuit. While it can be tempting to pack a slew of swimsuits for your tropical getaway, let's be honest: if you have the right bikini or maillot, you really only need one. We think it's best to keep your poolwear palette simple, especially when you're going to wash and wear your suit multiple times. Stick to a white, black, or navy suit that can easily be paired with any hat, sundress, or fun sandal, but feel free to experiment with interesting elements, like contouring fabric, a ruffled top, contrast straps, or lace-up details.

Packing Suggestion #2: Add some clever caftans. Once your suit is sorted, it's on to the second-most important category: caftans! Throw an armload of breezy caftans in tropical prints and summery colors into your suitcase, ideally in a few different fabrics. As for the hemline, we prefer longer lengths that hit anywhere from just below the knee to the ankle, allowing you to meander from poolside drinks to beachside dancing with ease.

Packing Suggestion #3: Don't forget the eye candy. As you probably predicted, sunglasses are a must-have too. They offer lots of style for taking up such a small amount of space in your suitcase, so feel free to bring multiple pairs. This is the ideal occasion to try some trendier styles, like transparent frames or mirrored lenses.

Packing Suggestion #4: Go for a touch of trend with gladiator sandals. This is the perfect time to work spring's favorite shoe: the gladiator sandal. You can invest in a pair that appeals to your rocker side (think: black or metallic) or one that feels earthier and softer (like brown or nude hues). Either way, you'll be the belle of the beach!