Fashion Choices That Tell the World You're a Queensland Girl

Everyone thinks the best thing about Queensland is its constant sunny weather. You’re not entirely wrong there, but what we’ve noticed is the fashion. Queensland girls have a unique sense of style that can’t be ignored—and just in case you didn’t realise, some of biggest fashion bloggers are from the Sunshine State (hello Harper & Harley and Oracle Fox). We’re always on the hunt for fresh style tips and tricks we can learn from different states and cities, so we did our research and discovered what makes QLD style unique.

Keep scrolling for the five fashion choices that tell the world you’re a Queensland girl (thanks to five of our favourite fashion bloggers).

Francesca Guterres


Opinion Slave

Jasmine Dowling


Michael John Hughes

Kimbly Wright


Style Me Yesterday

Prue Richardson


A Broke Girls Blog

Aicha Robertson


The Fashion Heist

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