What Late-Night Online Shoppers Really Buy

By Friday evening, many of us are unwinding over a glass of wine or celebrating the weekend by going out with friends. Another end-of-week activity that has many of us indulging is online shopping. According to Lyst.com, retail therapy during the wee hours of Friday night is more common than you’d think. Checkout values are over 30% higher than on Monday evenings, and after 1 a.m., shopping carts are 40% above average in terms of their value (i.e., that paycheck is practically disappearing). The most common garments sold after 12 a.m. are a womenswear staple—dresses. That’s right: Sales for dresses jump 320% over Monday night’s purchases! Not only are fashion lovers splurging on clothes, but they’re also more likely to buy a pair of heels 165% more expensive to complete the ensemble. So if you have a weakness for fashion (or really expensive shoes) and are trying to curb your spending, you may want to reconsider pressing “check out” once the weekend rolls around.

Shop a dress-and-shoes ensemble below.

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Opening Image: @conveythemoment