5 Things I Refuse to Wear on Dates Anymore

"Dress to impress" is a mantra that applies better nowhere perhaps, then in dating. From the excitement of picking what to wear, to nerves that cause us all to change (usually more than once). But, as I've come into my own I've learned that the most impressive thing that I can wear is confidence. Sorry, it might come off as cheesy, but hear me out. 

Since dating ranks pretty high when it comes to activites that make you accutely self concious, it's what I wear that has come to be my comfort and protection. If I feel good in what I'm wearing, I'm more focused on the moment at hand instead of getting lost in second guessing and constant discomfort. 


can mean different things to different people, but for me, it's impossible to feel good in what I'm wearing if it isn't comfortable. Which is why I found myself in need of a date outfit makeover

STOP: Anything Too Fussy



Spend one night tending to a dress that rides up or a top that requires constant attention, and it becomes clear that when it comes to dressing for dates, the simpler the better. I try to stick to staples that I know look good but won't be on my mind once I'm out having fun.

STOP: Sky-High Stilettos

Heels are a date-night must for me, but not all styles are created equal. Having learned from experience, I'd rather avoid spending a night distracted by aching feet, which is why comfy block heels have become my go-to.

STOP: Dresses That are Too Tight or Short

While my closet in college was full of fitted minidresses, as I've grown older, I've come to appreciate something subtler. Especially since it's not unusual to be heading to a date straight from the office, finding a dress that serves more than one purpose is ideal.

STOP: Jewelry Overload

Don't get me wrong—I love some good statement earrings, but on date night, I've found that over-the-top jewelry just seems to get in the way. Instead, simpler pieces add to my look without totally taking over.

STOP: Anything Too "Fashiony"

Working in fashion, I'm constantly trying new trends on for size, but during date night, it can feel like a bit much. Since I'd rather let my personality shine, I'm all about keeping outfits (mostly) simple.