Face the Facts: These Passé Summer Pieces May Be Over

We've discussed what to give up to be more stylish in general, and in the color department, and with the inevitable task of spring-cleaning upon us, we're looking ahead for the latest edition.

If you're like us, once one season begins, you start thinking about your wardrobe for the next. With summer on the horizon, sandals, shorts, and swimwear are topping our wish lists, but the start of a new season also means it's time to take inventory of our wardrobes and to do away with those pieces that no longer feel as fresh as they once did.

We considered seven key summer wardrobe categories to get you started and to prepare your wardrobe for those long sunshine-filled beach days and balmy nights out to come. So to ensure that you're looking as of-the-moment as possible once Memorial Day arrives, keep scrolling to find out what to toss, and what to consider adding to your wardrobe instead.