4 Common Jewelry Mistakes Brides Make on Their Wedding Day

After deciding bridal stores needed a serious shake-up, Christy Baird founded LOHO Bridean acronym for "league of her own." With locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, LOHO Bride offers an experience for women who don’t identify with mainstream bridal looks. Every month, Christy will lend her expertise on high-fashion bridal designers, trends, and offer a behind-the-scenes look at the latest industry news.

From stealing your mom’s ’90s clip-on earrings to lusting over your grandma’s diamond studs, your idea of the perfect big day bling has probably changed as often as the fit of your jeans. But like any fashion statement, your jewelry tells your style story… and it’s easy for that story to go astray. Armed with the right inspiration, though, it's easy to nail the jewelry you wear to say "I do."

We’ve outlined the dos and don’ts when accessorizing your wedding day jewels so you can give your look just the right amount of luminosity.