The Power-Dressing Trick Team J.Crew Pulls at the Office

Whether you're a morning person or not, getting ready for work, especially if it's your first day, can be a stressful process. You want your outfit to make a good impression, be work appropriate, and also show off your personal style (not an easy task if you ask me). For those needing some inspiration, it's time to let the stylish team over at J.Crew help you out.

We got the inside scoop on how this power team makes a fashion statement in the work place, and we have to admit, it's everything we expected and more. If you've ever walked into work to realize you're twinning with your co-workers, turns out it happens at J.Crew too. But what makes J.Crew's dressing trick especially unique is that even when coordinating, every single person manages to make the look their own. Thanks to the team's Have Fun Getting Dressed campaign, gone are the days of freaking out about someone wearing the same shirt as you.

So what, you ask, are the popular items among the team? A playful gingham shirt definitely made it on the list, comfy boyfriend jeans for those casual days, and a flattering blazer or jacket as an added layer. See it all for yourself below, and grab a few pieces we picked out, all inspired by the team of trendsetters.


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Shop Work-Worthy Styles from J.Crew


Put the classic white button-down back in your closet, and mix things up with gingham.


An extra layer makes any outfit more interesting.

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