Kylie Jenner's New Instagram Account Racked Up 97K Followers in an Hour

Kylie Jenner definitely keeps busy with a slew of different projects. In addition to running the Kendall + Kylie brand with her sister, she's also collaborated with the likes of Topshop and PacSun on clothing and accessories lines. Then, of course, there's her gig as one of the faces of Puma—which has helped the brand enjoy major success—and her hugely popular Lip Kits. How does she have time to do it all? Now, Jenner is adding yet another thing to her résumé—but we don't know exactly what it is yet. 

While we can't confirm her new project, it appears that Jenner's latest endeavor is a lingerie collection. She Instagrammed a few photos, linking to the account @thekylieshop. In just 60 minutes, the account has already racked up almost 100,000 followers—how impressive is that? Stay tuned for new updates as we learn more. 

Scroll down for the first look at Kylie Jenner's cryptic new project!

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Opening Image: Getty Images