The Messed-Up Reason You're Paying More for Your Clothes

It’s a little scary to think about tallying up the cost of everything in our closets. But what’s even scarier is that as women, we may be paying more for the same basics men own too. Business of Fashion surveyed a number of brands and found that for similar styles, women were paying up to $1000 more for an item than their male counterparts were.

This survey is in line with a number of similar studies of late that have found that women tend to pay more than men do for everything from shampoo to jeans.

So what’s the explanation for the higher prices? Some explain that women’s luxury garments cost more to produce. Others state that women may just be willing to pay more for similar items. “Unfortunately, we don’t have the entire answer,” said trade lawyer Michael Kone. “We don’t have internal accounting spreadsheets for the factories, for the importers, for anybody else.”

Read on to shop a few pieces from Zara’s ungendered line (no unequal pricing here!), and then read more about the “pink tax” on Business of Fashion.

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Opening Image: A Love Is Blind