How Fashion Girls Dress Up for a Friday Night

It's Friday. That means rooftop cocktails with your girlfriends or a dinner date at that restaurant you can't stop hearing about. Gone are office-appropriate outfits—this is a time to ease into the weekend with a look fit for the parties on your calendar. As any woman who has stood in front of a mirror on Friday night knows, it can be challenging to shift gears when the weekend arrives and pick out an outfit you love.

Curious to find out which outfits stylish women swear by for the weekend, we asked three fashion industry insiders for their go-to outfit formulas. From stylist and street style star Rachael Wang to entrepreneur and blogger Alexandra Spencer to Revolve talent relations manager Alyssa Rara, these women provide no shortage of inspiration. Whether you're a fan of jeans or mini dresses, there's a look we're confident you'll want to repeat this weekend. 

Keep reading to see and shop the outfits these stylish women wear on repeat over the weekend.