What Exactly Is a Promise Ring? Different Jewelers Weigh In

What exactly is a promise ring? We've got wedding rings and engagement rings covered—we can tell you what they mean and where to buy them, including a slew of other important facts relating to the topic of commitment jewelry, but promise rings are another story. After interviewing a handful of some of the most reputable jewelry designers in the industry, we came to find that although the definition of a promise ring varies depending on who you ask, there are definitely a few key points that solidify the true meaning of a promise ring, and those are commitment, love, and loyalty.

Here, we are sharing with you exactly what these jewelry designers had to say when asked what their definition of a promise ring is, and we have a feeling their answers might warm your heart at least a tad. With all this talk of the future, choosing another person to love, and the overall intentionality that a promise ring holds, you'll be wanting to do some ring shopping whether you're in a relationship or not.

Go on to learn what a promise ring means to various jewelry designers and to shop rings we know will get the above message across in the chicest way possible.