Here's What Happened to All of Those Clueless Outfits You Loved

The clothing from Clueless is easily some of the most iconic film fashion of all time, from Cher’s plaid yellow skirt suit by Jean Paul Gaultier to the red Alaïa dress she wore to that fated party in the Valley. Well, in honor of the films 20th anniversary (yes, it’s that old), author Jen Chaney interviewed the star-studded cast and crew for the aptly titled As If!and one of her many discoveries was what happened to all of those infamous outfits.

As first shared, Alicia Silverstone actually got to keep ALL of her costumes, but she initially didn’t seem to realize just how epic that was. “I didn’t do a very good job at saving any of them,” she told Chaney. “I was stupid about that whole thing. I think I gave them all away.” Something tells us Cher would not be pleased! But we’re not going to lie: The thought of them floating around out there with the potential to fall into our closets is not the worst outcome. Time to start rifling through every vintage store in sight…

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