What Your Favorite Friends Characters Would Buy From Zara


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A little while back, I did a story on what our favorite Gossip Girl characters would buy from Zara, and apparently, you all loved it, because we got requests left and right for this to become a series—so here we are. Next up, we are taking a closer look at the style of three of the most iconic women in sitcom history: Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe of Friends.

Yes, they all embodied the typical ’90s aesthetic, but each of them also built her own personal style profile that we all learned to love almost as much as the humor on the show. The good news is the ’90s are back, and Zara is a huge supporter, so today, we are going to take a look back at some of these Friends characters’ best looks and find the Zara items we think they would shop today.

Go on to find out what we think Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe of Friends would buy from Zara today.